July 25, 2008

X(-Files) Marks the Spot

The latest movie from Chris Carter's classic X-Files series hit theaters this weekend. What's the word on this offering? I went to see it today- and I want to believe you're interested in what I thought!

July 24, 2008

Book Recommendation: The Gap Series

In Wordcraft today I have an amazing reading suggestion for you. Regardless of if you like science fiction or not, this five book series will leave you rapidly turning the pages in an effort to know "the real story".

July 22, 2008

Prepare to Experience Effect 37!


I was in the process of working on a new blog theme recently when T.S. (that's the little not-as-cute-as-Wall-E robot up top there- wave, T.S.!) happened to fuse the universal selection controller and managed to get it stuck on Effect 37- which thankfully was "Creativity Contemplated".

I say "thankfully", because frankly, I love creativity and find it highly interesting to discuss. I also say "thankfully", because Effect 36 was "Bananas Bemoaned" and Effect 38 was "Ducks Disintegrated".

Now mind you, I'm sure we could have had a fun time watching Ducks go "phoomph!" for at least a few weeks, but frankly the whole concept would have been a dead horse (duck?) pretty quickly. As to bemoaning bananas, well, I'm not certain how to go about that for longer than a few hours at best.

So here we are then! I've tried to organize the blog into sections for your viewing pleasure (and my production nightmare). Let's take a tour of the areas, shall we?

In Reflections, I intend to engage your mind with interesting conversations on creativity in all of its forms. Stop for a minute- you're thinking of the obvious... painting, reading, dancing, writing, and so on. Did you ever consider that there is creativity in philosophy? Politics? Sports? In fact, most areas of life contain creativity. Therefore, be prepared- just about any topic could pop up in Reflections!

Next we have Wordcraft, your one-stop source for all things in regards to the process of creative writing. I'll discuss general writing concepts, share some other people's work on the web, and even try to find some great tips and tricks of the trade. From poetry to the great novel, we'll touch on a bit of everything. I'll also spotlight my own writing efforts on as consistent a basis as possible... and if you know writers, you'd know that "consistent" is not a keyword we recognize. If you are interested in writing, stop in to Wordcraft!

Last we have the fun brain-candy of Mindflow. Here we'll run through the jungle of creativity that is the internet and sample from its bountiful platter. Bring a machete, your sense of humor and your sense of awe- I'll have the most popular viral videos, incredible artwork and just about anything under the sun that tickles those creative juices until they spill all over. If you want to oooh and ahhh, stop by Mindflow.

So there we have it! Your tour is complete! Feel free to bond to a particular area, or sweep through the whole collection... there should be something for everyone interested in the contemplation of creativity!

On behalf of T.S., I once again welcome you to Effect 37 and hope you enjoy yourself!


Too Dark a Knight? The Online War of Words.

While Batman swooped into theaters this past weekend, running over records in his Tumbler, there has begun a war of words online between the lovers and the haters. What's your take?

Write That Novel... Sooner Than You Think!

Learn about National Novel Writing Month in today's Wordcraft entry. Embrace your inner author and join other brave writers in this Herculean creative event.

Master of the Guitar? Check.

Take a trip to guitar heaven on audial wings with today's Mindflow video featuring Tom Petty and Prince from the 1999 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.